Thursday, January 13, 2011

A short list:

A clearly non-comprehensive list of the reasons that I love my Better (much much much better) Half, by Thomas:


is beautiful. In many ways.
lives her religion.
laughs freely.
treats me like a king.
remembers every joke she has ever heard.
let me have one of her jokes and lets people think it was mine from the first.
believes in having a good time.
is very good at planning things.
can pack all my stuff for a trip and know exactly what I will want later without ever asking me.
has incredible piano playing talent.
sings like an angel.
wants to do cool things with me like build a greenhouse.
knows how to be kind to people, and then is.
can tell what people need.
will be an exceptional mother someday.
has goals and ambition.
recognizes the beauty in flowers and can arrange them to accentuate each blossom's best features.
gets excited about little things.
gets excited about little things. Like actual, literal, mini things. Like cute bugs.
likes Logan, UT as much as I do.
tries to like flyfishing.
values my opinion.
comes from good family.
shares her time with everyone.
has an incredible work ethic.
sometimes comes home with treats.
has befriended all my friends without complaint.
is the favorite with the kids at all family functions.
serves on the board of a nonprofit organization.
remembers important stuff.
has stunningly beautiful hair.
develops her talents and seeks for new ones too.
notices good in the world.
lets me buy the occasional sugar cereal. Maybe more than occasional.
encourages me in everything that I feel is important.

And, to top it all off, Megan had the guts to marry me. Talk about courage.


Erin said...

Yes, we too love our Meggy. But, we also love you Tom. Glad you guys found each other.

Shanny said...

You guys are cute. Happy Anniversary to you!

KATIE said...

So cute! I agree with almost all these things, but some don't apply to she didn't have the courage to marry me. I tried, but really she was such a chicken about it. But she does have amazing hair (from someone who also has good hair, truely she does. I love it)all in all she's a very high quality Megan.

Scott and Kourt said...

Oh Tom you are so cute