Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day Nine: Factoids

1. Every year Tom reads the Lord of the Rings series
2. Tom served his mission in Mexico City, Mexico North
3. Tom's birthday is on May 28
4. Tom is a really good cook
5. When Tom is trying to get to know someone, he will say "So what's your story?". And he fully expects people to tell him their life story
6. Tom was a cute little kid
7. Tom's favorite song is Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin

1 comment:

KATIE said...

My sister reads Lord of the Rings every year too, during Lord of the Rings season. I think she's wierd. I know think Tom is wierd too, but the good kind like my sister. (for some reason I like commenting on your blog, I love getting comments on mine, I hope you like it too :)