Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pocket Post

Dear work,
I'm glad I have you in my life. Sometimes I complain about you. Mostly behind your back. I still like you though. Let's hang out still.

Dear DI,
How fun are you to visit?! Today I found a little flower dish, a darling kleenex box, and a travel bag that makes we want to pack up my stuff and just drive.

Dear Banana Cream Pie,
Thanks for being in my fridge.

Dear Man vs. Wild,
You should really consider not jumping off cliffs while you are trying to teach people how to survive. It goes against all common sense. Maybe you should try watching Survivor Man. He knows how to do it.

Dear One Sketch Daily,
You're cool.Wish I could do that.

Dear Spring,
Welcome back almost! When you come to stay - we should have a party.

Megan D.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March thoughts

I'm loving that it's March. March rocks. March is a hopeful month - there is still going to be snow and rain of course - but there is also hope that there won't be. I like that. March is my birthday month. I still love my birthday - I try to make it last for a long time. For example, I ask Tom if he will bring me a drink of water or some popcorn and always pair the question with "It's my birthday". Works like a charm, although I think he's catching on. Dang. March makes me feel like planting gardens in potholes. Anyone else want to join me? March makes me feel like crafting, sewing and basically creating. It's just that hopeful, happy feeling. Did anyone see this video? It's the best. Hope your March is going well.
P.S. My flowers are going to be famous - Check them out on TV this Friday (3/5) on Studio 5 at 11:00 am. Don't worry I won't let it get to their little flower heads.