Friday, December 30, 2011

30 x 30

Okay. I'm scared. A thoughtful friend asked me how I was doing on my list. So I looked. And that's when the worry set in. I really thought I had done more than what I'm about to show you. Granted I have made progress on a few...but...Ah! I need to get crackin'. Here's the run down.

1. Make an entire wedding out of paper flowers.
(I kept hoping a bride would let me do this, but I'm thinking it's just time to do a photoshoot on my own)

2. Become a mother.
(This one is proving more difficult than my high school health teacher said it would be ;) )

3. Learn song by "The Swell Season" on the guitar. And sing it in front of at least 5 people.
(I'll start practicing)

4. Learn "Nunley's Carousel" by Billy Joel on the piano.
(I'll keep practicing)
5. Catch a fish by myself.
6. Memorize a poem.
(Working on it)

7. Listen to the "Lord of the Rings" on Audio CD.
(Will reserve it today!)

8. Hike King's Peak. Or just go on a hike.
(A hike will have to do. Katie? You there? Can you take me on one where I won't be too cold?)

9. Read a book by Charles Dickens.
(Kay, I've listened to the Christmas Carol on CD several times - does this count?) (I don't think so, but it might have to if I don't get my butt in gear)

10. Paint a picture.
(I was picturing a masterpiece, but my doodles might have to do.)

11. Do something with my washer collection.
(Got an idea - just need to execute)

12. Sew a shirt or skirt.
(A skirt, need to find simple pattern)
13. Make lots of pies, until I find the very best recipe. Become known for my pie-making skills.
14. Cook one dish out of every recipe book I own (got this idea from Katie).
(Need to get rid of some cookbooks)

15. Have a party. A sit-down dinner party.
(Got an idea board on Pinterest - maybe this should be for my birthday party? Great idea Megsie!)

16. Knit a scarf.
(Would it count if I told Lexy exactly what kind of scarf I wanted?) (Nope) (I'll get on it)

17. Go camping with Tom 7 times.
(I've been 3 times and I don't know if I'll make it 7. We'll see)
18. Go on a trip to a place I've never been. Can be just a little trip.
19. Design something using "Sketch-Up".

(I'll do it)
20. Get sucked into a made-for-TV drama. (I have to have something to check off, right?)

21. Attend the temple at least 12 times.
(I've gone 6 out of 12 - I'll get on it!)

22. Make a garland.
(It is started and it is so flipping cute and ruffly)

23. Serve at the church bakery or cannery or other assignment.
(I've tried several times to sign up, but they always are in the middle of the day. I might have to count cleaning the church - I'll do it next time)

24. Go see the daffodils at Red Butte Gardens.
(Have to wait until March)

25. Write at least 10 letters to people, instead of an email or phone call.
(I'll do this on Sunday)

26. Take some family photographs.
(Haven't blogged these yet, but we got a couple good shots)

27. Write down 10 childhood memories in my journal.

28. Plant a garden and bottle some of it.
(Well, I sure did miss this one! Maybe I'll do some jam. Mom? Gonna need some help here)

29. Make rock candy.
(Won't be too bad)

30. Go to Antelope Island and/or Spiral Jetty.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

#30 - Visit Antelope Island

I loved Antelope Island and I want to go again. I didn't see any antelope, which was a little anticlimactic, but there were deer and hot air balloons, so it didn't disappoint.

# 20 - Get sucked into a made for TV drama

I've done this several times. I have nothing to report about the quality of these shows, but they sure are intriguing. That is all.

Here's a picture of what my family might look like if we were in a made for TV drama. Just in case anyone is wondering, those are our model faces. We are teaching lessons, in case anyone is interested. 

#13 - Become known for my pie-making skills

I am for sure checking this one off my list because I am so good at making pies. My whole family said so. And if they lied to me, that's their problem, because now I really think I am super good, so they'll be eating pie forever. At every family party. Whether they ask me to bring a pie or not.

But seriously, I made two pies for Thanksgiving and they rocked my socks off. Lemon Truffle Pie and Persimmon Pie. They were delicious! Lemon Truffle came from the Lion House pie book and the Persimmon came from a combination of the internet and my own head. And, to make this whole experience even better, I learned that I like persimmons! I was very happy about this because I have actually never eaten one. I just blindly named my business after one because it is fun to say and thought they were cute. I was nervous to actually eat one in case I didn't like it. But I bit the bullet, sliced one up, ate it, and they are yummy. So then, naturally, I made a pie out of them.

#5 - Catch a fish by myself

Numero cinco on my 30 x 30 list was to catch a fish by myself and I am pleased as punch to announce that I have accomplished this. Usually when I go fishing with Big T (oh Tom, that's your new nickname p.s.) I make him cast, then I hold the rod, then I catch one, reel it in, and then he gets it out of the water and unhooks it. So my goal was to do all the steps by myself and I did. It was back in August on our way back from girl's camp. We stopped at Jordanelle Reservoir and I caught a small-mouth bass. He helped me a little, but mostly I did it. Small-mouth bass are super fun to catch. Pound for pound, they are the hardest fighting fish around.

So, we didn't get a picture of my bass. But I needed a picture for the post, cause it turns out posts without pictures are boring. So, I stole a picture of Tom and his friend's bass. It's cool. It looked just like this....but WAY bigger. Trust me.