Monday, February 7, 2011


My friend Shannon started a list of 30 things she wanted to do before she turned 30 and I loved the idea, so here I go. In no particular order.

1. Make an entire wedding out of paper flowers.
2. Become a mother.
3. Learn song by "The Swell Season" on the guitar. And sing it in front of at least 5 people.
4. Learn "Nunley's Carousel" by Billy Joel on the piano.
5. Catch a fish by myself.
6. Memorize a poem.
7. Listen to the "Lord of the Rings" on Audio CD.
8. Hike King's Peak. Or just go on a hike.
9. Read a book by Charles Dickens.
10. Paint a picture.
11. Do something with my washer collection.
12. Sew a shirt or skirt.
13. Make lots of pies, until I find the very best recipe. Become known for my pie-making skills.
14. Cook one dish out of every recipe book I own (got this idea from Katie).
15. Have a party. A sit-down dinner party.
16. Knit a scarf.
17. Go camping with Tom 7 times.
18. Go on a trip to a place I've never been. Can be just a little trip.
19. Design something using "Sketch-Up".
20. Get sucked into a made-for-TV drama. (I have to have something to check off, right?)
21. Attend the temple at least 12 times.
22. Make a garland.
23. Serve at the church bakery or cannery or other assignment.
24. Go see the daffodils at Red Butte Gardens.
25. Write at least 10 letters to people, instead of an email or phone call.
26. Take some family photographs.
27. Write down 10 childhood memories in my journal.
28. Plant a garden and bottle some of it.
29. Make rock candy.
30. Go to Antelope Island and/or Spiral Jetty.


Ma said...

Oh come on Meg...surely there's a couple on there you can knock off in the next couple of months...Antelope Island? haven't been there? and you call yourself a semi-davis-county-ite. and #20...doesn't "alias" count for that one! you've been with Mr. Dunford for over 4 years and haven't caught a fish yet? Of course, being a non-fisher person I totally understand...maybe you ought to change it to "catch a fish...stick!!"

Shanny said...

I love it! Great list.

A. said...

I love your list! So inspiring yet doable. If it were possible for me to get married to R all over again, I would be your woman for #1. I can help you with #3 via Skype. For #9, I do NOT recommend Bleak House (I took a Dickens class at USU). I am most intrigued with #11.

KATIE said...

Nice list! I'd make one if I wasn't already 30. But if you ever want someone to tag along with you for anything and Tom's busy I'll go. Especially to Red Butte. It is next door to my work after all. Hopefully you have less cookbooks than I did and that one will be easy for you.

Gretchen said...

dear Meg,
Don't be creeped out butt i have seriously been in love with you and your blog. I have been daily checking it and laughing laughing laughing! You are so funny! You make me want to be a better person. I love that you set awesome goals. And then you amend them with cool things. Like go on a hike to King's Peak. Or any hiking. You crack me up! I am doing your #7. It's pretty fun. Anyways love you miss you!

Texas Harveys said...

That's a pretty impressive list for just over a year...I'm especially intrigued with number 2. =] Good luck! I think I will make a list too. I have a few more months than you.

Flattail Family said...

So, is #2 an announcement of any sorts? This is a creative idea. I'd do 40 X 40, but I only have a couple of months left for that one. Unless unpacking 40 boxes would count! Glad to catch up on your blog.