Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Trailer

We're making a movie with our new toy. Filming will take two years. For now, enjoy this teaser.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday was great day! We got back from camping, went to Tim's house to caulk and putty the crown molding, hurried and showered, and made our way to the Gateway to meet my sister and her husband to see Part II of Harry Potter. I was so excited about it! When those students hop on their brooms?!? Man! It's exciting! Seriously, when I think about Harry Potter, it's like every nerdy tendency inside of my body comes out to play. I want to dress up, draw lightning bolt scars on Tom's head, practice my spells...I almost booked tickets to Orlando to see the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

 I didn't end up going to any of those extremes, but I did get a little crafty. I thought it would be fun to have some treats during the movie, so I did a little research on the interweb and got some ideas for what I could sneak into the theater. I cam up with a simple brown paper bag full of treats mentioned throughout the books/movies! Here's what I did:

Front of the bag:

Butterbeer: IBC cream soda (I wanted Thomas Kemper's Vanilla Cream, but the store didn't have it)

Golden Snitches: Gold Lindor Truffles (I wanted Ferre Roche's, but again the store did not provide)

Pumpkin Pasties: Pumpkin chocolate chip, soft-top cookies

Jelly Slugs: Gummy worms

Licorice Wands: Licorice

Cockroach Clusters: A mix of PoppyCock and Cracker Jacks

All the goodies!

They were fun to snack on during the show. More fun for me to make I think. If anyone wants the tags I made for each of the snacks let me know, I'll send you the pdf so you can print them. I had such a great time and I thought the movie was great! Of course, they left a few things out, but I thought they wrapped it up nicely. I want to watch it again!

*HP is what my little nephew calls Harry Potter - he's cool like that.

#17 - Go Camping with Tom 7 Times

This weekend was camping trip #2 out of #7. Yes! Makin' progress.
Here's your proof. That's me AND a tent.
I made this goal because I felt like I had lost the desire to camp and be outside. The last few camping trips I'd been on were a big hassle. I was always freezing. I was setting my tent up at 2:00 am (after driving 5 hours in a squishy car). I was tired all day because I didn't sleep well. I got attacked by bugs. I was always forgetting my flashlight, water, or some other essential. They just weren't the funnest trips. I enjoyed the people I was with and the things I saw, but the actual camping was, um, how can I put this nicely?

So, with Tom's help, I decided to make these camping trips easier on myself. First, Tom and I got me a new sleeping bag. A warm one. From Shopko. For $30.00. And it rocks my world. Seriously, I haven't been cold on either of the two trips this year. And I am always cold! Except for right now because my laptop is getting all hot on my legs and the fan is pointing the wrong way but I just woke up from a nap and I don't want to get up to move it.

Second, we are just camping for one to two nights at a time and we are throwing, literally stuffing, our gear into laundry baskets and getting in the car and driving somewhere nearby to set up camp. Not a big deal. We aren't unloading all the gear, we are just using the car as our storage unit and sleeping in the tent.

Third, we are going so simple on the food. We aren't packing a huge cooler full of eggs, sausage, and gourmet dutch oven ingredients. We just buy some bread and peanut butter and fruit and snacks and call it good. Maybe we'll stop on the way and eat at a yummy restaurant and use their restroom and brush our teeth with running water before we set up camp? Who knows? I'm just saying, we are going for simple.

*I'm moving the fan now, I'm going to die of heat stroke if I don't*

These changes I've made aren't rocket science, I am just writing them down so I will remember how fun camping can be! It doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. You don't have to go to some far off place or make gourmet meals every time to enjoy being outside. I'm glad I made time to go this weekend. If I hadn't I wouldn't have woken up to this.

There were at least 12 different birds flitting about, it was so great!

Or taken 50 pictures of these flowers.

Or eaten this giant donut for breakfast.Yes, that is a grapefruit.

And isn't that what life is all about? Taking time out of your mundane, busy schedule to enjoy this beautiful world, to stop and see the flowers, and to eat giant donuts? I am starting to think so.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Lord

I saw this quote today and couldn't help adding it to a recent photo of mine and sharing it. Source.