Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why hello there

It's been a month. A month! Since I've busted out a rockin' blog post. Wow. I was going to tell you that one of my resolutions was to keep a better record on my blog, but then you'd know I already failed at that. Don't judge me.
So anyway...Happy New Year! Isn't it cool that we are in the year 2010? I love it. I've been graduated from high school for 10 years. That's weird. Does anyone else think that's weird? I really do. What are your resolutions? Tom and I have a few up our sleeves. Nothing too crazy, just get less fat, be more nice, save more cash, etc. I'm always grateful for the time given to us to reflect on how we can be better. Even if you don't do a great job at keeping them, it is always nice to have a little "shot in the arm" of trying to be better. My sister said on January 3rd that her resolution was to be happier and that so far she had had a pretty good year and expects to be happy for another few days. :) I thought that was funny.
Oh yeah, some of you might be happy to know that our fish found a home with my nephew. HER name is now "Turkey".
Now for the blupdate. {Blog Update} Here is a countdown since my last post.

{10 - thousand presents}
We got so many wonderful presents this Christmas. My mom is really cute and wraps every little thing seperately, so even though the present might not be huge/expensive, it gets its own little wrap job and it is a lot of fun to open all of them. My favorite gifts were a darling little bird nest necklace {from D&A}, a sewing kit made from a Ball jar, so cute {from D&S}, and vintage salt and pepper shakers {from M&B}. Thomas made me an awesome coat rack too, out of pipes & concrete. Oh yeah...we also got a dinner at "Lucy's" from Tom's sister's family. We'll keep you posted about that one.

{9 - different stories}
I thought I had a copy of the stories we wrote at our New Year's Eve party, but B borrowed them. We played the game "What If?" and came up with the most hilarious stories. Again, I will post one of them when I get them back. This New Year's party was so much fun! Usually New Year's is so anticlimactic, but D, G, B, E, C, Tom & I had so much fun. Probably because the cheese fondue had white wine in it...I'm not sure it really was "all cooked out". :)

{8 - lots of food
Get it? We "8" lots of food? Ha, ha. This post is taking a turn for the worst. :)

{7 - Christmas parties
We went to 4 family parties, 1 work party, 2 friend parties, and 1 ward party. December flew by so quickly, but we had a great time seeing everyone.

{6 - Games of Settlers
We hooked our brother and sister-in-law on the game "Settlers of Catan" when we were in Bostonland, so when they came for Christmas that's all we wanted to do. There were many late nights and lots of laughs despite how many grudges were formed. :)

{5 - Different weddings
This year I got 5 weddings from the wedding show I did in July. Not counting the ones recommended to me by family and friends. I love doing wedding flowers and am glad I've been able to do them even with working full time. Here are a couple of photos from the last few.

{4 - Guitar lessons}
For our anniversary {coming up on the 13th} Tom got me 4 guitar lessons from our awesome friend Brandon {check out his band here}. He is a classic guitarist and is just amazing at what he does. So far I've learned how to play a G major scale and am learning a new song. If I can get my fingers to play a bar chord. I'll keep you posted.

{3 - Years of marriage
Yes, that's right. We've been married for 3 years. It's been great. I've learned so much about myself and about how to be a better person. I'm grateful that Tom is in my life. We are going somewhere fun next weekend to celebrate, so I'll have to write about that too. {The list of future posts is getting longer and longer}

{2 - Wii-motes
Another one of our awesome Christmas presents was a Wii. I love it. We have Wii fit and Dr. Mario and Wii Play and Brain Challenge. My mom gave us hers which was really cute and nice of her. If you want to come over and play...then just do it. :)

{1 - Graduation
I officially walked in my graduation commencement on the 11th of December. It was really fun and it made it seem more official that I was done, even though I already had my diploma. Thanks to everyone {again} who made it possible for me to do that. It felt great to check that off my list.
So there you have it. Life is good. Here's a cool picture we took from our trip to Bryce Canyon...which reminds me of another post I need to do. Maybe tomorrow. Probably next month.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"One fish! Fish for sale. He's going cheap

Only seven guineas. That or thereabouts."
Name the movie and I'll give you a buck and a fish.

That's right folks, for a limited time only, you could be the proud owner of a smallish goldfish named Les. Les Stroud (he has survived harsh chemicals & freezing water temperatures, however we did not get it on tape). Or Freddie. Whatever you wish, he's your fish. He swims. He eats. He swims. He eats. Did I mention he could swim?
Amazing! Teach your children responsibility! Teach your husband responsibility!
If you comment now, I will throw in some food to keep this little guy happy.
Seriously, you don't want to miss this great opportunity to get your very own goldfish! Christmas is coming and just imagine the smile on the recipient of this happy little creature.

Okay, guys...I really do have a fish that we need to find a home for. Our fish tank is too small and I don't want to get another aquarium for one little fish, not that Les isn't great, we just can't keep him. So if anyone is interested let me know and I'll bring him by.
If not, he might find himself on a ride down the Porcelain Express (name the movie for another buck), but don't tell Tom I said that.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I like him, because

he buys 10 boxes of sugar cereal because they are on sale and then proceeds to make a cereal tower.
he still laughs at my jokes.
he knows which bird is sitting on the branch outside my window.
he likes to discuss adhesives.
he always wants a frozen treat.
he likes to hear me sing.
he busts out random dance moves when I least expect it.
he makes me fancy presents, even when I'm kind of mean.
when he reads Get Fuzzy, he curls up in bed and says "I'm gettin' fuzzy" (had to be there).
he likes to get the Led out.
for Christmas he wants a metal detector and equipment for panning gold.
even though he thinks this picture is cheesy, he will still let me post it.

My cute friend A is having a giveaway to celebrate her husband coming back from the Army and all you have to do to enter is tell her why you love your special someone. You should go enter, it is nice to remember all the things you like about someone in your life. Even if you don't win her awesome prize.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New favorite.

Have a listen.
I like Heartbroken and If You'd Ask Me alot. They are cheery tunes. I also love her website and her name is pretty much perfect.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


1. I love fall.
2. I love pie.
3. I like my new job.
4. I have a million loose ends to tie up.
5. I want to be a better friend.
5.5. I have a lot of good friends/family.
6. I need to finish organizing my house.
7. I love decorating.
7.5. Here is Lexy's bouquet.

8. I want to sew some more.
9. I want to serve.
10. I need to do some family history.
11. I love pie. Enough to write it twice.
12. I'm kind of sleepy.
13. Psych is my new favorite show.
14. Tom is cute.
15. Reading other people's cute blogs makes me want to throw up a little.
16. I like pumpkins.
17. I like seeing kid's Halloween costumes.
18. I love thinking about gardens.
19. I should probably buy a real camera.
20. I need to find my groove again.
22. Orange is a great color.
22. I like this bouquet. It's pretty.

23. I have too many things I want to try and do and not enough time to do them.
24. Who wants to live here? I do.

25. I am so hungry, I could eat a whole pie. Mmmmm. Pie.

Friday, September 25, 2009

5 Happy Newsies

1. My little sister is being sealed tomorrow.
2. I got a job. Like a real one.
3. I get to sleep in the car on the ride down to Cedar City today.
4. I have clean clothes at my Mom's house.
5. I get to arrange flowers this weekend.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank you.

Some kind soul or souls left us a box of food on our doorstep. It was full of Ramen, macaroni, chicken noodle soup, Pasta-Roni, and corn. I just wanted to thank whoever it was. I have my suspicions of course, but I thought I should say thanks to everyone, just in case.
You are the best and we appreciate it very much! I guess we will be around for 8 more days ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's raining, not pouring, and this blog is boring

I've been checkin' out my blog lately and realized it has been pretty lame. Our life is interesting, lots going on and all that, but when I sit down to write a post, nothing catchy comes out, so I usually delete it. I might have to do the same with this one. We'll see.
This is what we've been doing since I last wrote.
1. My little sister (Lexcellent) and her hubby (Scottastic) are being sealed together in the St. George Temple on 9.26.09. I am super happy for them! They have made a lot of great progress together and I am excited to see them make this happy step. I have been busy planning a smallish party for her, which has been really fun.
2. We moved. Many of you know this from experience and will know to come up with better excuses for next time. We are loving our new apartment though. There are no neighbors above or below us, there's a garage and a lovely little courtyard to look out on. Most of our stuff is in its place, but the decorating is far from done. Everyone that visits tells me that it "screams Megan & Thomas". We like it muy mucho.
3. I have been busy with {Persimmon Floral}. Tom has been busy with Kingbird Design (new site coming soon). I went to the Avenues Street Fair to advertise. I would have done about a MILLION things differently, but it went pretty well. I also attended a conference for women entrepreneurs, which was so great! Very inspiring. If any of you have considered starting your own business, let me know and I can get you in touch with the people who put it on. Tom just finished up a deck and is working on some other random jobs. We are both looking for other steady jobs so if you hear of any, let me know. We have however, been very blessed with work and talents that let us go out on our own. Even though we are struggling to make ends meet, we know we have been blessed. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.
4. Over Labor Day, we went up to Strawberry Reservoir and stayed at Daniel's Summit Lodge with my Mom and Bill and Scott and Lexy. It was a great trip, although no fish were caught. On Monday, we went up to Tom's family cabin and had a work party. We stayed there most of the day, came home exhausted, and went to bed. There is nothing like a hard day of work. It was very satisfying.
Okay...well I thought I had more than four things to write about, but apparently I don't. I guess it is hard to sum up all your busy days in one post. I will leave you with what Thomas just came into tell me and my new favorite scripture.

Thomas (with the whole block of cheese in his hands): This cheese tastes like fridge. Taste it. (offering me a slice).

It did taste like fridge, but did he really have to share? :)

D&C 136: 28-29
28 If thou art amerry, bpraise the Lord with singing, with music, with cdancing, and with a dprayer of praise and ethanksgiving.
29 If thou art asorrowful, call on the Lord thy God with supplication, that your souls may be bjoyful.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Boston Baked Beans

Boston has been a delight. We've seen lots of amazing things and we've been given quite a few hints about moving ourselves here by T's family. :) We have loved it so far, except for the humidity (which we have been assured only lasts 10 days out of the year). Here are a few pictures to get you excited about seeing more. 'Cuz I know you want it.

Oooh...starting off with a fancy shot of the word Boston. How exciting. :)

Outside of the Museum of Industry on our bike ride along the Charles River.

I love, love, love public transportation!

Quincy Market outside of Fanueil Hall. I want these in my yard.

Park Street Church.


Everything here is brick & covered with Boston Ivy.

This is the only lobster we could afford to eat. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off to Massachussetts

We are going to Boston in 4 hours. So excited! I will post up the pictures as I go...hopefully. :) If anyone that reads this blog has been there...tell me what we need to see...especially if it is free! Hope you are all doing well! I need to catch up on blogland soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009

So much

Where to start? Haven't blogged in a while. Life has been crazy busy but a lot of fun. Here are a few highlights.
#1 - We are moving...again. I hate to move. I hate paying rent to other people. I hate asking people for help. However we are going to be in a nicer apartment, about the same size, and it has a garage. It is on the Avenues...again (in our old ward) and costs less than we are paying now. So even though it is highly disappointing to move, we are getting a great deal.
#2 - I did a wedding show at La Caille this weekend. Check out my Persimmon Floral Blog to read all about it.
#3 - The fourth of July was awesome. We celebrated "Still dependent day" by having a bbq at my Dad's house and then by visiting my high school (which is closing) and watching fireworks and seeing lots of great friends, then we went to Tom's cabin (on the fourth) to relax and hang out. It was great! We went on a hike to the Red Door Mine...which had a lot less Red Door than I was expecting. Apparently you used to be able to see the Red Door, but now it is all gated and restricted. Oh well, it was still fun.
#4 - My website is in the process of becoming awesome. Right now it is a mish-mash of 2 different websites. I will let you know when it is up and running again.
Today I am cleaning my house, feeding the missionaries, and figuring out my weekend. I hope you are all doing well and having fun! Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Relay for Life

This last weekend (June 26 and 27) I had the great opportunity to serve at the Relay for Life in Murray. It was a great opportunity and so much fun to see how much good a few people can do. My team raised $1,180.00! It was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who donated. The whole event raised $30,000.00. It will go to fund cancer research and programs here in Utah. Thank you also to all of you who came and walked for my team. Candi came and walked around the track for 2 hours in the middle of the night! You are awesome. Izzy's cute family came and walked on Friday night and Saturday morning and they had a bake sale (raising $80.00). My mom came and facepainted and we raised a bit more money there. It was great. I got to make some flower arrangements for the Survivor's Reception and make a cool backdrop of the Hollywood mountains. I never got a final picture of it, but you can see it in the works below. Tom walked a lot and helped with setting up too. We got totally dumped on on Friday night, but it was followed by a beautiful double rainbow. People kept going too even during the rain. I am excited to be involved with it again next year.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sitting on babies

Babysitting is such an awkward term, that's why I had to make fun of it in the title of this post. I don't really sit on babies. However, Tom and I did get to watch a couple of them recently.

From May 18-June 4, I had the opportunity to tend my next door neighbor's little girl, T. My next door neighbor teaches school and her husband was starting school, so they had a weird overlap of time where neither of them could watch her. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. She would come over with her Mighty Mouse lunch box in hand (a very popular item with J's and J's boys) and we would just have a great time. I got her to take naps by putting her in my room, shutting the door, letting her cry, coming in to console her, and then she would fall asleep on my shoulder. We watched Sleeping Beauty almost everyday. In the car we would sing "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream"...she would sit in the back and yell "I know you, I know you" until I started singing. Her other favorite phrases were "No way" and "Thank you". We got to go to the zoo (thank you J), where we rode the carousel and saw the elephants. She also had a wicked sweet pair of Ranger Rick binoculars (another popular item for the boys). We only had one incident at the zoo, when W(?) threw part of the binoculars into the giraffe cage. J risked life and limb to retrieve it for me and even gave me a wet wipe to wash it off. What a great friend. I was glad to give her back to her parents at the end of the day, but I do kind of miss her now. This was the only picture she let me take of her.

Tom also had the opportunity to watch a youngster (just for an hour or so). He got to hold our little nephew E, while his mom and dad and older brother went on the Alpine Slide. He really liked Tom and sat there cuddling him just like this the whole time. Just darling. Tom may or may not have been glad to give him back. I'll have to ask him. He looks like he's having fun to me. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


T and I just got back from seeing the movie UP. It gets like 50 stars. You have to go see it, if you haven't already. We loved it and don't be late, the first 15 minutes are the best. Happy watching.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's a sign

Click on this site
Then go to the one titled 'Elimination'.
I've been wanting one...and I really think that this is my cue.
Sorry Jessica! I just read your post, but I can't help liking the Mac) :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Swaner Nature EcoCenter

For Tom's birthday (which isn't until the 28th), my Dad and Shawn gave us tickets to one of the Bird Festival field trips. It was so much fun! We saw a lot of birds...two life-listers for both of us: a Sora and a Savannah Sparrow. We were the youngest people there and we met a lot of lovely people. Bob was my favorite, his license plate said 'Bird Nerd' and he wore a wicked sweet jumpsuit. He knew a lot about birds and had all sorts of bird calls programmed into his ipod. He had a little speaker that would project the sound and call the birds, which is how we got to see the Sora. Birders are very interesting people, it was fun hanging about with them.
Part of the field trip took us to the Swaner Nature EcoCenter. I highly recommend it. It is a beautiful place and they've done a lot of neat things there AND its free. They are on their way to becoming the first Platinum LEED certified building in Utah. I think they are going to be the first one anyway...they seemed pretty confident about it. Pretty cool.
Here are some pictures.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two promises

I said I would post a picture of the 3rd grader picture from my Mom's school that illustrates the power of graphic communication. Here it is.

My second promise? I promise not to get my doctorate. That was just a little jokey-joke.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh yeah, I defended my thesis

I can't believe I haven't written about my most favorite recent event. Hello? Get with it. April 23rd was the BIG day. My Mom, Bill, Tom, and I drove up to Logan on the 22nd by way of Syracuse where Tom gave a bid to work on a deck. We then ate at Cafe Rio and (upon my Mom's insistence) bought me some comfortable black kicks (shoes) for the defense. We stayed at the Crystal Inn in Logan and got some rest.
The next morning I woke up around 6:30, got ready, tried to eat some weird rubber eggs, and headed up to the school. I got to the room at got everything set up. I had no problems with the projector or my presentation file, which is unheard of, right? I also set up the most important element of my presentation...Dunford Doughnuts! I didn't even need to prepare or write a thesis I'm sure. The doughnuts speak for themselves.
I met up with my professor, John, and we laughed at joked about how I wasn't going to pass. My other professor showed up with a box of Kleenex. Ha, ha. I picked some "funny" people for my committee. My third professor came and I found out that his father sat on my Grandma's committee when she was getting her Masters from Utah State. Small world.
Anyway, the presentation went fabulously! I used the following graphic to illustrate a certain point in my thesis. A kid at my Mom's school drew it and it drove home the power of graphic design in communicating a message (which is what my thesis is all about).
After I presented they asked me a few questions (which I knew all the answers too) and then asked me to leave the room. I waited outside for a moment and they finally let me come back in, made me sweat a little and then told me I passed with MINOR revisions. Whoo hoo!
They loved it and they want me to try and get it published. That's a weird thought...but it would be really cool to say "Yeah, I've been published". :)
After the defense and all the paperwork we went to Angie's in Logan and then Bill and Tom dropped my Mom and I off at the DI where we totally scored. We found brand new shoes, darling teacups, a dress for my sister's wedding, and some giant iron candleholders for my Mom. In the meantime, Tom and Bill found the Logan River, they caught 3 fish.
My Mom and I found so much cool stuff and we started to walk up to the mall and realized that our bags were really we went back into the DI to try and find something to carry our purchases. We finally found a luggage cart and strapped our stuff onto it. We looked pretty funny. We stretched my Mom's sweatshirt over all the bags so they wouldn't be flying all over the place. :)
Tom and Bill finally came to pick us up and then we headed to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Check out my bird nerd list on the side. It was so fun!
A very happy day...I feel so much all I have to do is decide to join the real world or pursue my doctorate...?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cherry, Cherry

Oh cherry baby. This view outside my window makes me smile.