Friday, August 21, 2009

Boston Baked Beans

Boston has been a delight. We've seen lots of amazing things and we've been given quite a few hints about moving ourselves here by T's family. :) We have loved it so far, except for the humidity (which we have been assured only lasts 10 days out of the year). Here are a few pictures to get you excited about seeing more. 'Cuz I know you want it.

Oooh...starting off with a fancy shot of the word Boston. How exciting. :)

Outside of the Museum of Industry on our bike ride along the Charles River.

I love, love, love public transportation!

Quincy Market outside of Fanueil Hall. I want these in my yard.

Park Street Church.


Everything here is brick & covered with Boston Ivy.

This is the only lobster we could afford to eat. :)


Flattail Family said...

We are anxiously awaiting the future installments. Are you guys thinking of moving to Boston? Looks like you had a great time!

Ricky and Chelsey said...

Um, we're jealous. It looks so fun! Are you home yet? cause we need to hang out. You are too nice to comment on all of the blogs! I was going to tell you to submit some of your work to the UBB too cause, you're awesome! Can't wait to see you guys!

Life out Here said...


Pretty sure that Boston humidity does NOT last only 10 days. You were there for 14, so I'm assuming you probably proved that statement incorrect.

Kyle and Jamie said...

I'm pretty jealous right now!! Did you go to a Red Sox game?! It looks like you had a great time! I haven't talked to you in a long me when you have a second!

Izzy said...

Just found your blog (while looking for the Kingbird site). It was fun reading. I liked the photo of the round lightbulbs. I'd love a lamp like that, too!

BTW, is great!

I just started my own blog today(never thought I would!) warmserenity.blogspot