Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Washers, Thesis, Tulips, Salsa Garden, and a Pisa Party

Haven't written in a while...Now you get to see a whole bunch of pictures! Yay!

First my washer collection. I told my Shawn (my cute step-mom) about my collection of washers and she wanted me to post a picture of it on my blog. I found my first washer on my first "official" date with Tom. Ever since that day I find washers wherever I go, it is really fun. I asked Tom if it was because I was special or just lucky. He said special. I love him.

Next...my thesis (which is the reason I haven't written in a while). I am making really good progress on it. I will defend in April! Here is my outline on color coded index cards and taped to a rubbermaid lid. :)

My cute friend Chelsey gave me some tulip bulbs for Christmas and I planted them a couple weeks ago. I don't know if they are going to work, but they are starting to pop up...so I'll keep you posted. Also, Tom and I have started some seeds for our salsa garden. We are starting the seeds at our home and will plant them in Tom's dad's garden. Get excited for that!

Finally...Tom and I hosted a party with some friends. It was a party celebrating the day (Feb. 27th) that the Italian government asked for the world's help in restoring the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In short...a Pisa Party! Everyone brought their favorite Italian dish and we talked about our Italy trips. Very fun. I didn't get a picture of all of us or all the yummy food, just the appetizers. It was delicious. I wanted to have a party on the 27th...so to come up with a theme I went to The History Channel website and plugged in the date and it tells you what happened on that day. Great for a quick party theme.
If you want to party today...you can celebrate the day that Elvis joined the army. :)

That's all for now. I will post more about the garden and my thesis soon. Also...my latest sewing ventures. I've been inspired to start sewing and I feel the need to get good at it...so it is going to be interesting at first, but I am excited!
Happy collecting, schooling, gardening, partying, and crafting!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kingbird Design

This is my husband's design company. The site is still hatching, but check it out when you get a chance.
Kingbird Design LLC

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two of my favorite people

A lot of you are my favorite people...but for this particular post I am narrowing my list down to these two lovely ladies: Gina Day & Martha Stewart.
Gina recently entered Martha Stewart's "Green Thumb Contest" and is one of three finalists. She is an amazing gardener. Last year she turned her tiny little patio into a wonderful garden. She had watermelons hanging off the balcony and an apple AND a peach tree hanging out outside her window. There were herbs, native grasses, and MY favorite...lots of flowers.
Anyway...if you have some time today (and you can keep voting throughout the week) go to this link http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/radioblog/2009/03/vote-for-your-favorite-green-thumb.html and click on her story to vote for it. Read the story too...it is very cool.
In high school I was voted "Most likely to become the next Martha Stewart". Little did I know that it would manifest itself into my very good friend actually becoming Martha. Hmmm....This could work out. Gina? Could you have me on your show?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Weather,

Dear Weather,
You can't trick me. I know that you are out there pretending to be all nice and sunny just to taunt me. I know you are giving me a slight breeze with little or no chance of rain just to mess with my little head. I know that you are sucking me into your lies. "Spring is approaching" you say, but I know from past experience that it is still far away.
I can't say that I don't want to believe that the time has come to start planting my garden, cleaning my house, and visiting the canyon. But I should wait. I've seen you do this to me before. Get me all excited, then when I least expect it I will be knee high in snow. All my hopes dashed.
So no, capricious weather, I will not succumb to your sunny rays and happy spring smells. I will wait until I know that no storm clouds will persist.
So, even though I bought some seeds, organized my closet, and stopped writing my thesis for a time...you haven't tricked me. Yet.
Waiting for Spring