Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two of my favorite people

A lot of you are my favorite people...but for this particular post I am narrowing my list down to these two lovely ladies: Gina Day & Martha Stewart.
Gina recently entered Martha Stewart's "Green Thumb Contest" and is one of three finalists. She is an amazing gardener. Last year she turned her tiny little patio into a wonderful garden. She had watermelons hanging off the balcony and an apple AND a peach tree hanging out outside her window. There were herbs, native grasses, and MY favorite...lots of flowers.
Anyway...if you have some time today (and you can keep voting throughout the week) go to this link http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/radioblog/2009/03/vote-for-your-favorite-green-thumb.html and click on her story to vote for it. Read the story too...it is very cool.
In high school I was voted "Most likely to become the next Martha Stewart". Little did I know that it would manifest itself into my very good friend actually becoming Martha. Hmmm....This could work out. Gina? Could you have me on your show?


Life out Here said...

Judging by the pictures, I will not be quite as posed as Ms. Stewart, but I will surely have you on my show. We're running the world, remember? We obviously will be co-hosts.

Thanks for posting this up- you ROCK!

And appropriately for a Martha Stewart post, the word verification is "craft"orm.

Erin said...

That's so cool. I voted for her. Her story was the best anyway.

Chris, Chrissy, & Landon said...

Hey, it was really nice to hear from you guys. If you dont mind, I'll add your address to our blog. I'll keep tabs on you guys! How are you two doing? Any babies yet? hehe We love to hear when people have babies :) Keep us posted on your lives. We miss ya!