Monday, November 17, 2008

Photo Tag

My friend Jill tagged me with this cute idea. You have to go to the fourth folder, fourth picture in your photos and post it on your blog. I love this picture! Tom is so cute. My nose is kind of smashed...I should have picked a more photogenic way to kiss his face! Good idea Jill...I had forgotten about way fun! I tag Apryl, Kacie, Candi, Lexy, Shawn, Gina, and Erin.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Tom & I went to my mom's for a little family Halloween party. I really wanted to dress up. The only thing I could get Tom to dress up as was a fisherman. So of course...I had to be a fish. I decided to go as a "rainbow" trout. I'm so clever. I think Tom was glad we didn't go anywhere too public. I just put on lots of different rainbow colors and made a sign that said trout on it. Tom did draw this sweet hook through my lip though...very fun. He said that I am his best catch. That was cute and totally made up for him not dressing up.
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Grandma Platt's 90th Birthday

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Monday, November 3, 2008


Thank you for all your input on the business name. Here is what a persimmon is:

1: any of a genus (Diospyros) of trees of the ebony family with hard fine wood, oblong leaves, and small bell-shaped flowers ; especially : an eastern United States tree (D. virginiana) or a Japanese tree (D. kaki)2: the usually orange several-seeded globular berry of a persimmon that is edible when fully ripe but usually extremely astringent when unripe

Now you know. :) I think they are kind of cute.