Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's a sign

Click on this site
Then go to the one titled 'Elimination'.
I've been wanting one...and I really think that this is my cue.
Sorry Jessica! I just read your post, but I can't help liking the Mac) :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Swaner Nature EcoCenter

For Tom's birthday (which isn't until the 28th), my Dad and Shawn gave us tickets to one of the Bird Festival field trips. It was so much fun! We saw a lot of birds...two life-listers for both of us: a Sora and a Savannah Sparrow. We were the youngest people there and we met a lot of lovely people. Bob was my favorite, his license plate said 'Bird Nerd' and he wore a wicked sweet jumpsuit. He knew a lot about birds and had all sorts of bird calls programmed into his ipod. He had a little speaker that would project the sound and call the birds, which is how we got to see the Sora. Birders are very interesting people, it was fun hanging about with them.
Part of the field trip took us to the Swaner Nature EcoCenter. I highly recommend it. It is a beautiful place and they've done a lot of neat things there AND its free. They are on their way to becoming the first Platinum LEED certified building in Utah. I think they are going to be the first one anyway...they seemed pretty confident about it. Pretty cool.
Here are some pictures.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two promises

I said I would post a picture of the 3rd grader picture from my Mom's school that illustrates the power of graphic communication. Here it is.

My second promise? I promise not to get my doctorate. That was just a little jokey-joke.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh yeah, I defended my thesis

I can't believe I haven't written about my most favorite recent event. Hello? Get with it. April 23rd was the BIG day. My Mom, Bill, Tom, and I drove up to Logan on the 22nd by way of Syracuse where Tom gave a bid to work on a deck. We then ate at Cafe Rio and (upon my Mom's insistence) bought me some comfortable black kicks (shoes) for the defense. We stayed at the Crystal Inn in Logan and got some rest.
The next morning I woke up around 6:30, got ready, tried to eat some weird rubber eggs, and headed up to the school. I got to the room at got everything set up. I had no problems with the projector or my presentation file, which is unheard of, right? I also set up the most important element of my presentation...Dunford Doughnuts! I didn't even need to prepare or write a thesis I'm sure. The doughnuts speak for themselves.
I met up with my professor, John, and we laughed at joked about how I wasn't going to pass. My other professor showed up with a box of Kleenex. Ha, ha. I picked some "funny" people for my committee. My third professor came and I found out that his father sat on my Grandma's committee when she was getting her Masters from Utah State. Small world.
Anyway, the presentation went fabulously! I used the following graphic to illustrate a certain point in my thesis. A kid at my Mom's school drew it and it drove home the power of graphic design in communicating a message (which is what my thesis is all about).
After I presented they asked me a few questions (which I knew all the answers too) and then asked me to leave the room. I waited outside for a moment and they finally let me come back in, made me sweat a little and then told me I passed with MINOR revisions. Whoo hoo!
They loved it and they want me to try and get it published. That's a weird thought...but it would be really cool to say "Yeah, I've been published". :)
After the defense and all the paperwork we went to Angie's in Logan and then Bill and Tom dropped my Mom and I off at the DI where we totally scored. We found brand new shoes, darling teacups, a dress for my sister's wedding, and some giant iron candleholders for my Mom. In the meantime, Tom and Bill found the Logan River, they caught 3 fish.
My Mom and I found so much cool stuff and we started to walk up to the mall and realized that our bags were really we went back into the DI to try and find something to carry our purchases. We finally found a luggage cart and strapped our stuff onto it. We looked pretty funny. We stretched my Mom's sweatshirt over all the bags so they wouldn't be flying all over the place. :)
Tom and Bill finally came to pick us up and then we headed to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Check out my bird nerd list on the side. It was so fun!
A very happy day...I feel so much all I have to do is decide to join the real world or pursue my doctorate...?