Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pocket Post

Dear Suzie C.,
Thanks for saying you read my blog and that I should update it and that I have clever ideas. You are the best and I will pay you later.

Dear Wild Horses,
I've wanted to see you for a while now and I got to last week! I kind of wanted you to be running when I saw you...but seeing you standing out the field worked really well for me too. I can check that off my To Try Before I Die list.

Dear Lists,
I love making you and crossing stuff off of you. And writing notes to you....

Dear New Camera,
You are such a fabulous investment! I was a little wary about spending the money on you, but you've already paid yourself off. I have better self-esteem now. I am way better looking. And I think I can run faster. So thanks.

Dear Pinterest,
Thanks for being a time-waster that gives you a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Oh! I just spent a half an hour pinning, but I have 212 pins to show for it. Much more satisfying than watching T.V. or staring into space.

Dear Plans,
Like my lists, I really love having you in my life. But I also appreciate the lessons I'm constantly being taught about how to let you go and just go with the flow. Like a hippie (sans patchouli and hairy legs).

So wild.