Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pocket Post

Dear Suzie C.,
Thanks for saying you read my blog and that I should update it and that I have clever ideas. You are the best and I will pay you later.

Dear Wild Horses,
I've wanted to see you for a while now and I got to last week! I kind of wanted you to be running when I saw you...but seeing you standing out the field worked really well for me too. I can check that off my To Try Before I Die list.

Dear Lists,
I love making you and crossing stuff off of you. And writing notes to you....

Dear New Camera,
You are such a fabulous investment! I was a little wary about spending the money on you, but you've already paid yourself off. I have better self-esteem now. I am way better looking. And I think I can run faster. So thanks.

Dear Pinterest,
Thanks for being a time-waster that gives you a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Oh! I just spent a half an hour pinning, but I have 212 pins to show for it. Much more satisfying than watching T.V. or staring into space.

Dear Plans,
Like my lists, I really love having you in my life. But I also appreciate the lessons I'm constantly being taught about how to let you go and just go with the flow. Like a hippie (sans patchouli and hairy legs).

So wild. 


amanda said...

oh come on, we all know you don't really shave your legs. or your armpits.

just kid'n.

Tyanna said...

Dear Megan-
So glad to see you've posted again. Missed you.
p.s. I love seeing wild horses too.
p.p.s I saw the Trailer for A Big Year and thought of you and Kris' dad too-cause you both love to watch the birds.

Flattail Family said...

Where did you find the wild horses?

Am I a hippie since I don't shave?

Erin said...

I've been waiting for a new post. I was wondering if you were trying to send a subliminal message with Granite Rocks. If I read it enough, maybe I'll believe it's actually better than Woods Cross. ;)

Blake and Kathryn said...

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