Thursday, November 19, 2009

I like him, because

he buys 10 boxes of sugar cereal because they are on sale and then proceeds to make a cereal tower.
he still laughs at my jokes.
he knows which bird is sitting on the branch outside my window.
he likes to discuss adhesives.
he always wants a frozen treat.
he likes to hear me sing.
he busts out random dance moves when I least expect it.
he makes me fancy presents, even when I'm kind of mean.
when he reads Get Fuzzy, he curls up in bed and says "I'm gettin' fuzzy" (had to be there).
he likes to get the Led out.
for Christmas he wants a metal detector and equipment for panning gold.
even though he thinks this picture is cheesy, he will still let me post it.

My cute friend A is having a giveaway to celebrate her husband coming back from the Army and all you have to do to enter is tell her why you love your special someone. You should go enter, it is nice to remember all the things you like about someone in your life. Even if you don't win her awesome prize.


A. said...

I love this post. So sweet! :)

Scott and Kourt said...

That was way cute Meg. You are such a doll.

hmarchant said...

Man Tom...she makes you sound like a stud!

Erin said...

Really cute post Meg. Glad you still like him.

Izzy said...

As Dad would say, Tom, I guess you've got her fooled!

I think you're a pretty great guy, too.

Kyle and Jamie said...

ohhh...that's so stinkin' cute!!