Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pocket Post

Dear Man vs. Wild,
I've written you before and told you not to be so weird. But last night I saw you put on a dead seal's skin for a shirt and I'm thinking my messages just aren't getting through to you. Let's work on that, shall we?

Dear General Consumer,
I'm thinking a really good purchase for you (and I'm really only thinking of you), would be to buy me this wonderful machine. Let's think of it as an investment. A really, really cute investment.

Dear Tron,
You know that scene at the very beginning when the programs are on the bikes and they can't cross the path of the other bikes or else they will die? That was SO exciting!

Dear $195,000 River-front Property in Logan,
I wish (and so does Tom) that we could buy you, subdivide you, build our dream house, and fish all day on you. Maybe a little discount would help? Or another plea to the general consumer perhaps?



Scott and Kourt said...

I love the pocket post. wow I really likes Tron did you watch the old one as a child? I wish the property was yours too, it sounds heavenly.

Jillyan said...

I really want a silhouette too! Maybe when Rob and I are millionaires, I'll buy one for the both of us!

Megan D. said...

Thanks Jill! If Tom and I strike it rich first, you'll definitely be getting one too.

Erin said...

I'd for sure come visit the river front property. That's actually a pretty good deal. :)

Did you see the Arizona Man vs. Wild?!? Dave showed me some clips. It was REALLY wild. We'll have to tell you about it next time we see you or you can watch it online.

The McOmie Five said...

Dear Meg, whenever I'm needing a good smile I just check your blog. These little posts are my favorite. I seriously love you!