Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Irrational Fears

Kay, my new friend Leslie is the coolest. She is an amazing illustrator, really cute, funny, and is dating my friend Brandon (who is also wicked cool, so that works for them). She has taken her illustrative genius to an all new level though with this blog called Irrational Fears. Seriously, I can't handle how fun it is! I can't think of any irrational fears that I have right now, but I'm thinking about getting one so she can illustrate it for me.

Illustration by Leslie Duke


ilikewinter said...

I met Leslie! With Brando! How do you know her? She seemed really sweet. Really talented, too- that's awesome!

Scott and Kourt said...

That is such a cool Idea. I am impressed with her illustarting. WOw it really looks like the shark can come out and eat that person. I sent her my fear of thinking ceilings will cave in when I walk. It probably will not make it. I might not be able to look at her blog in fear that I will mentally start thinking things like that. Love ya Meg

BusinessKata said...

Looks cool, going to have to check it out! Shark wallpaper is one of my fears as well.