Friday, December 30, 2011

30 x 30

Okay. I'm scared. A thoughtful friend asked me how I was doing on my list. So I looked. And that's when the worry set in. I really thought I had done more than what I'm about to show you. Granted I have made progress on a few...but...Ah! I need to get crackin'. Here's the run down.

1. Make an entire wedding out of paper flowers.
(I kept hoping a bride would let me do this, but I'm thinking it's just time to do a photoshoot on my own)

2. Become a mother.
(This one is proving more difficult than my high school health teacher said it would be ;) )

3. Learn song by "The Swell Season" on the guitar. And sing it in front of at least 5 people.
(I'll start practicing)

4. Learn "Nunley's Carousel" by Billy Joel on the piano.
(I'll keep practicing)
5. Catch a fish by myself.
6. Memorize a poem.
(Working on it)

7. Listen to the "Lord of the Rings" on Audio CD.
(Will reserve it today!)

8. Hike King's Peak. Or just go on a hike.
(A hike will have to do. Katie? You there? Can you take me on one where I won't be too cold?)

9. Read a book by Charles Dickens.
(Kay, I've listened to the Christmas Carol on CD several times - does this count?) (I don't think so, but it might have to if I don't get my butt in gear)

10. Paint a picture.
(I was picturing a masterpiece, but my doodles might have to do.)

11. Do something with my washer collection.
(Got an idea - just need to execute)

12. Sew a shirt or skirt.
(A skirt, need to find simple pattern)
13. Make lots of pies, until I find the very best recipe. Become known for my pie-making skills.
14. Cook one dish out of every recipe book I own (got this idea from Katie).
(Need to get rid of some cookbooks)

15. Have a party. A sit-down dinner party.
(Got an idea board on Pinterest - maybe this should be for my birthday party? Great idea Megsie!)

16. Knit a scarf.
(Would it count if I told Lexy exactly what kind of scarf I wanted?) (Nope) (I'll get on it)

17. Go camping with Tom 7 times.
(I've been 3 times and I don't know if I'll make it 7. We'll see)
18. Go on a trip to a place I've never been. Can be just a little trip.
19. Design something using "Sketch-Up".

(I'll do it)
20. Get sucked into a made-for-TV drama. (I have to have something to check off, right?)

21. Attend the temple at least 12 times.
(I've gone 6 out of 12 - I'll get on it!)

22. Make a garland.
(It is started and it is so flipping cute and ruffly)

23. Serve at the church bakery or cannery or other assignment.
(I've tried several times to sign up, but they always are in the middle of the day. I might have to count cleaning the church - I'll do it next time)

24. Go see the daffodils at Red Butte Gardens.
(Have to wait until March)

25. Write at least 10 letters to people, instead of an email or phone call.
(I'll do this on Sunday)

26. Take some family photographs.
(Haven't blogged these yet, but we got a couple good shots)

27. Write down 10 childhood memories in my journal.

28. Plant a garden and bottle some of it.
(Well, I sure did miss this one! Maybe I'll do some jam. Mom? Gonna need some help here)

29. Make rock candy.
(Won't be too bad)

30. Go to Antelope Island and/or Spiral Jetty.


Ma said...

If you do nothing more than become an Pie Girl...I'd say you're a success!

Shanny said...

Take it one at a time. And if you don't get them all done, THAT IS OK.

That being said, you've done some great things. Give yourself some credit :)

Heather said...

Well, you are 20% there. We would love to take a hike with you! We just bought hiking packs we're ready to break in and we've had no snow yet! It's perfect.

I make freezer jam...and I am happy to make some with you.

We will come to your dinner party. :-)

I love reading your blog

Kourtney said...

It looks like you are making good progress your birhtday is coming soon though, do you want to switch birthday's this year you can have mine (it's in may) and I will take yours in March? just saying. Ok so "1 Better homes and gardens has amazing paper flower ideas in case you want more ideas. #2 so what is up? do you want to talk about that? if so give me a ring. #12 I have an adorable jean skirt pattern that is super easy and fast like and hour total. #15 I sure hope I get an invite and #17 didn't Tom and you go camping with Scott and I a few times (are you adding that), I really had no idea that camping was not one of the things you enjoy doing. Anyway, this is a great idea I am afriad it is too late for me to start a list like that especially if we are switching b-days lol ;) Love you Meg

Erin said...

I made rock candy once. Didn't turn out in the least. So if you figure out a better way let me know. By the way, you could extend this list another year. As long as you don't reach 31 without it completed then you have met your goal. :)

KATIE said...

I'll take you on a hike! A snowshoe hike this time of year of course :) seriously, I have an extra pair of stnowshoes. Let's go!And if you want some help cooking up stuff from your cookbooks I want to be in on that too. I had so much fun doing that myself and I still go back to so many of those recipes.

ShawnfromMN said...

Wow Megan - I saw your "list" of things to cross off! I have to tell you - my son is getting married in July 2012 and i am supposed to make 200 roses for the table decor and also do boutineers and bridesmaids flowers! I said 'sure' - what was I thinking???????????? Between working f/t and going to school the time is flying by so fast!!! Someone may take you up on your offer and when they do be prepared for anxiety!!! LOL I love your blog!