Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Four: 10 Favorites

1. Psych - my friend Erin introduced us to this show, and we seriously can't get enough of it. We find ourselves quoting it constantly and have hooked our friends and family on it. We highly recommend it. So don't be exactly half of a nine-pound Black Forest Ham and go watch it. (That was a quote).

2. Monk - just thought I'd add this one too, since we are on the TV topic. Every season of Monk is on Netflix (another one of our favorites) and on instant play. 

3. Frosted lemon ginger cookies - if we could eat these all day, and not get chubbier than we already are, we probably would. They create the most delightful flavor combination on the planet. I thought I had the recipe with me, but of course I don't. If you want it, I'll email it to you. 

4. Birding - I talk about watching birds a lot on this blog and that's because it is one of our favorite things to do. If you needed me to explain. 

5. Get Fuzzy - This comic takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you understand the characters, it will have you rolling on the floor. 

6. Logan, Utah - Or Zion. Or Land of Milk and Honey. Or Paradise. We want to live there. Forever. 

7. Breakfast - Best (and I hear most important) meal of the day. One of the first questions Tom asked me was "How do you feel about breakfast?". I passed the test when I said, it was my favorite. His favorite is French toast and I like scrambled eggs. 

8. Crafts - Tom won't like that I'm calling his construction/woodworking projects, crafts, but it's easier to say. We both like to make and build stuff. 

9. Photography - We are both amateurs, but will buy a camera. One day. Here's Tom's Flickr account

10. Frozen treats - Tom loves Slurpees (I can't stand those though, they taste like frozen death). I love Moose Tracks ice cream. 

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KATIE said...

OH Megan, I love Get Fuzzy! how Random! And yesterday I stood in the snow with 4 almost strangers while snowshoing exchanging bird watching/eagle spotting stories...I'm embarassed by how fun it was. I almost wrote that as my facebook status even but felt too nerdy to even admit it. I'm glad I know you and can admit it to someone who probably understands. The conversation started with dippers...bird watchers are silly people. (I want your cookie recipe.) I have not actually finished even reading this post yet, I just got so excited that you like Get Fuzzy I had to write a comment right away.