Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Five: Tom's joke

I remember every joke I've ever heard. It's a gift...and a curse. I wish I could keep information about science,literature, or politics in my brain, but nothing sticks. Except jokes. Tom on the other hand has room* for only one joke and sometimes I have to remind him to tell it. So here it is for your reading pleasure - try not to steal it though, like I said, this is the only one he's got.

Darth Vader says to Luke Skywalker: I know what you are getting for Christmas
Luke says: How do you know that?
Darth Vader says: I felt your presents.

*Because of all the other stuff he knows, see previous posts.


ilikewinter said...

I've been privileged enough to have heard that one straight from the horse's mouth. Not that Tom is a horse, it's just a saying, Megan.

Jillyan said...

You two are so hilarious! I am really enjoying these posts! It's fun to get to know Tom a little better. Btw, will you PLEASE send me your lemon iced Ginger cookie recipe? Ginger cookies are my absolute FAVE and I would love to try them with the lemon icing. We should also get together soon! Miss your guts!

The Barnum Family said...

I love it! I still remember your joke about the fish with no "i". It always makes me laugh out loud!

Ma said...

i shared thomas' joke with your dad last night...he actually guffawed! one thing about the dunford's...they know their puns!

KATIE said...

ha ha ha, that's funny. My brother texted that to me on Christmas Day this year and I'd never heard it. Tom has not been doing his job.