Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Thirteen: Happy Anniversary

First official date - January 13, 2006 - Deer Valley, Utah

Dear Tom,
I hope by now you know how much I love your guts. Cause I do. Like I said in the first post, if I loved you anymore, my heart would explode all over the couch. Ewwww. We don't want that do we? I do want to be best friends forever though.

I've probably made a lot of people nauseous from all the gooey stuff I've shared on our blog the last 13 days, but I don't really care. It's fun to be in love. And I'm glad I'm in love with you. I am so looking forward to the rest of our time together, here on this earth, and for all eternity. You do remember that we signed up for that right? I think you do.

Thanks for being my best friend. I like how we laugh together. It's wicked fun. I like how we plan together. And talk. And watch Psych. And talk about Logan. And think about business ideas. And pretend like we are going to exercise. And visit family. And hang out with friends. And. And. And. The list could go on and on and on. AND on.

So here's to you Thomas Coles Dunford. Happy 4th Anniversary! You are an amazing husband, friend, son, and brother. And I couldn't imagine my life without your cute face.

Megs (Your wife)

P.S. You posted on our blog! Yay! And what a great first post! Thank you for your kind words. You really are the best. Love you.


Ma said...

i remember how excited you were, meg, when you would talk about this cute guy at school. and thomas...i remember you were practically giddy when you came to talk to megan's dad about marrying her! glad you two found each other...and found joy together! love you guys!

Sabrina said...

I have totally loved reading all these adorable posts. I am certain you two are one of the cutest couples I have ever known and are totally perfect for each other. Have a very happy 4th anniversary!

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary you two! We love all of your guts too! :)

Kyle and Jamie said...

Oh dang...that is so cute!!! Happy Anniversary guys!!! you are so cute and fun!!

Flattail Family said...

Happy Anniversary! We admire you and Tom so much. Hope you had a wonderful day. (Our first date was on Feb 13, so we also like 13.)

Scott and Kourt said...

Happy Anniversary!

Steve & Sara said...

Happy Anniversary you awesome people you! I have enjoyed all of your posts. Seriously-all. Thanks for sharing. Happy 4th!

I Heart Salt Lake said...

You won the Snider Bros Meat giveaway! Stop by for more info.

Gretchen said...

SOooo I just read through all of these posts and cried like a real real cry baby. These are so sweet! aahhh! I remember when Tom came into Fred's and got you flowers for his proposal. (did he stash them in his trunk? or was that someone else?) Anyways...Awww you two are so stinking cute!! Love you and I miss you so much! Happy Anniversary!