Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Three: Always hungry

Tom is always hungry. And I'm not talking about his hunger for sugar cereals, cilantro-lime infested salsas, or fine sandwiches. I'm talking about his hunger for knowledge - or maybe I should have said thirst for knowledge? However, that doesn't work for my opening line, now does it? Moving on.

Tom is always learning something new. One day, not long ago, he said "I want to smoke some meat". I said, "that's nice, maybe one day we should", and the next thing I knew he had drawn up plans and watched 10 YouTube videos on how to build his own smoker. And the best part was he actually built one (with his business partner, Doug)! And made his own YouTube video! And we smoked some meats!

Tom and the smoker, Coles Family Cabin, November 2010
Barbecue Smoker Video
Whether it's Star Wars, bird identification, native grasses, or concrete, Tom has a hunger for learning it and I love it. It makes life more exciting. It makes me want to search a little deeper and next time I want to build a rotating thread dispenser, I'll just learn how to do it and make it happen. 'Cause that's what Tom would do.


Shanny said...

I'm so impressed. Who just decides to build a smoker? And then DOES IT? Tom, that's who. Wow. He's a keeper. But then, you already knew that :)

A. said...

LOVE IT!! I called R over to watch the video, and we both stood in awe, making comments like the above, e.g. "That Tom Dunford!" We also took a gander at your website. So inspiring!

Erin said...

Love it. What talent. You'll have to invite us up to use it. ;)