Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day six: Adventure scale

Tom and I judge how willing we are to do something using our handy Dunford Adventure Scale. See below for the complete scale, in case you would like to implement it for yourself. When we want to do something (fun or not), we ask each other, "Where are you on the adventure scale?" It has been a great way to assess how we feel about doing something. Here are some of the fun adventures we've had together.

Tom & I at the Garden of Eden (in Idaho) - Level 8
Tom & I at Memory Grove. Before we were married. This was the day
we were taking my family's pictures. Obviously Tom wasn't
officially part of the family yet, we weren't even engaged, but my Mom bought
him a black shirt - just in case he wanted to be in the picture! I guess she approved!
Anyway, I didn't tell him (until later) that my mom had done that because
I wasn't sure how adventurous he was feeling, you know, joining the
family and all. Turns out he was feeling like a Level 10 when he asked me to marry him!
St. George, January 2007, on our honeymoon - Level 8 or 9
One of our first big adventures, moving into our first apartment.
It was an adventure trying to fit all our stuff in that tiny place. - Level 4 or 5
But we eventually did it - Level 4 or 5
Our Europe trip - May 2007 - Level 10
Tom in Italy, May 2007 - Level 10
Eiffel Tower, May 2007 - Level 10
Owning our own businesses has been an adventure! We both get to help each other.
I sometimes help pour concrete and Tom gets roped into making corsages all the time!
Once when I was out of town, Tom had to make this bouquet all on his own! Looks
good, huh? I should consider actually paying him. - Level 10
Bryce Canyon, 2010 - Level 8 or 9
Doug & Tom - San Fran - May 2010 - Level 9 or 10
Sun Valley, 2010 - Level 9 or 10
Dunford Adventure Scale

1 - Let's stay home and watch 10 episodes of Monk straight in a row. And wish we had ice cream.
2 - Let's stay home and watch 3 episodes of Psych. Go get ice cream. Then eat some during the next 2 episodes.
3 - Let's go to a dollar flick at 7:00 p.m.
4 - Let's go to a dollar flick at 10:30 p.m. and order popcorn. And think about getting one of those giant, nasty pickles.
5 - Let's go play games with our friends/family.
6 - Let's make dinner (something new) and play games with our friends/family.
7 - Let's drive up the canyon and eat at Wendy's.
8 - Let's drive up to Logan for the day and eat at Angie's or Iron Gate or Callaway's or Cafe Sabor.
9 - Let's drive to Logan and camp in the canyon. And of course eat at all our favorite restaraunts.
10 - Let's drive to St. George and back. Right now. Get your toothbrush. 

The scale is relative. The examples above are for a typical day or week. Sometimes, driving to St. George and back is just the beginning. But no matter the scale, it's nice to know I've got someone like Tom to have all these adventures with. Actually it's pretty rad.


Spencer S. said...

I like the scale and how adventurous you two are. Way to be, Meg and Tom!

On another side note, I think your 13 posts leading up to your anniversary is neat...yes I said neat because I think it is a a Meg word.

Erin said...

Love the adventure scale. You two are so cute. :) That picture of you and Tom in the garden during your family pictures is darling!

Tyanna said...

Love this idea! It is so cute, and it is fun to read about you & Tom. Kris now wants to construct a smoker in our backyard, so THANK YOU Tom for that ( :
Can't wait to read the others!

Heather said...

So does this make you guys joining us for dinner a 7? Or is it pretty adventurous to be around us and we're a 10?