Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Twelve: Good stock

Today I wanted to do a little shout out for Tom's family. Tom didn't get as awesome as he is on his own. He had a lot of great people to teach and influence him, and I must say, they did a really good job. I'm glad I got to reap the benefits of all their hard work.

His mom and dad are some of the best people I know. Tom's dad is a baker (Hello Dunford Doughnuts! Thank you for my muffin top!) and his mom is an artist. They are kind, loving, funny, patient, and very accepting people. I remember when I first met Tom, and thinking he was super funny (and you are honey, my next point doesn't discount this), but then I met his dad and I realized Tom was using all of his jokes! I thought it was so funny. So Tom definitely got his humor from his dad. I think Tom also inherited his dad's sense of fun. I see Tom's dad play with his grandchildren and hear stories of when Tom was growing up. They were always doing something fun, like hiding magnets at the Planetarium, hiding army guys in the dirt, making time capsules, getting brand new stacks of one dollar bills all bound together. The list goes on. Tom does similar fun stuff now. I love that he has that characteristic.

From his mom, he inherited all things artsy and designy. She has an amazing eye for detail and can make the ordinary, extraordinary. Her home is beautifully decorated. She is an amazing watercolor artist. She loves small and interesting things. She taught Tom how to appreciate art and beautiful things. She also loves nature and that definitely rubbed off on Tom. I love watching Tom and his mom collaborate on projects together. Whether it is removing a wall, hanging a painting, or designing a garden, they can both see and understand the potential of the project. I think that is an amazing talent. I'm glad Tom got that gene. 

His other family members are also wonderful people. His eldest brother is an amazing photographer and even more amazing father. His sister is the most thoughtful, spiritual, and well-balanced person I've ever met. His other brother is a talented designerentrepreneur, and a serious gamer. Their respective spouses are also amazing! They have engineers, more photographers, and musicians! It really is incredible and slightly intimidating. Oh! And the nieces and nephews? Don't even get me started. Cutest. Kids. On. The. Planet. 

What I'm most grateful for is that Tom was raised in the gospel and has a very strong testimony of it. And I know a large part of that was how he was taught in his home. Again, I'm so happy to be married to Tom and I'm grateful for the influence of his family on Tom and now on me too! 

Sister, Tom, Mom, Nephew - Sun Valley, 2010
Dad, Sister, Mom - Sun Valley, 2010
Dad, Tom, Sister, Mom - Sun Valley, 2010
Dad & Tom - Sun Valley, 2010

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