Thursday, December 30, 2010

merry, merry

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I hope your New Year's is awesome too. I have today and tomorrow off from work and I couldn't be more pleased. I have great plans to organize, exercise, spend my gift certificates, etc. Even if I don't get everything done, it feels nice to have some choice in what I'm doing.
Christmas was very fun this year - did it seem to just fly by for anyone else? I was more ready than ever, but it still seemed to just whoosh by. The week after Christmas is always weird to me - you don't want to work, you shouldn't play, it's just kind of uhh *shrugging shoulders*. I am happy it is kind of slower though, that feels nice.
For Christmas we were spoiled (as per usual). We got our favorite cereals, a really neat picture of our last name - like the ones shown here...but taken by our Shawn, IKEA giftcard, Joann's giftcard, TJMAXX giftcard, Amazon and Itunes giftcards, sushi giftcard, a new sewing machine, cute socks, new clothes, Robin Hood (the one with the foxes), cute little magnet bottles, and my list could go on. We just had a great time. It was fun to get, even more fun to give. Oh yeah, Thomas also made me an incredible rolling island for my kitchen. It is amazing. He's learned how to weld, so there is no stopping us now. 
Here she is. If you want one (and I know you do, just go here: (yes, i just did a plug for our business, don't judge)

Welded corners and casters! I can roll her anywhere.

Like the tile? It matches our kitchen perfectly...but guess what? When we move to a new place, we can take the tile out and replace it with whatever surface we want. Tom's a genius, just sayin'. Looks like I need to use that potato, it's gettin' a little saggy.

I've had two weddings this month, which is unusual for December, but they were fun. Here are some pictures.
I'm not usually a fan of the Christmas colors, but the roses and hydrangeas made me a happy camper.

These are the same bouquets, just lying on the sidewalk.
Do you like the feathers? Actually, I don't care if you do or not, they are so awesome.

The groom's boutonniere. Star of Bethlehem (the weird green thing), is probably one of my new favorites. My cute friend from helped me with these. She's the best, I wish we worked together all the time.
Oh yeah, and I did this one in October. Kind of fun.
Anyway, this season has been great. I love all the hustle and bustle of December, the parties, the food, the presents, the sparkle. And more importantly, I also love the service, the family, the friends, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope to take a little bit of what I felt this December with me throughout the year.
Tom and I sent out a digital card for Christmas this year and I'm afraid we missed some people, so I'm posting it here too (hope you can see it). We hope you had a happy Christmas too!


Kyle and Jamie said...

I am loving loving loving that little rolling table!! You are so lucky!! :)

Ricky and Chelsey said...

Cute! Tom totally understated how awesome that rolling counter is, tell him he did an awesome job! He said he can't make a pretty weld, liar :)
Um.... I also love love love your rose hips wedding so much I'm going to go comment on your other blog too just so you know I'm serious. We LOVED having you guys, anytime you need a retreat with no modern conveniences you know where you've got a room with a sheet for a door!

Flattail Family said...

Wow! Just checked out Kingbird Design--very impressive (like the rest of the stuff you guys do). Do you ship stuff to southwestern AZ? When we make it big off the ebike business we'll hire you guys to come down and give our home a make-over.

Deb said...

Wow! The island turned out great! I love the tile. I knew he was making it, he is so talented!

Erin said...

Tom told me about your rolling island...hee...hee. :) It's gorgeous. He did a great job as usual. Love the feather bouquet. You always have so many cute ideas. And a new sewing machine? Sewing party here we come!!!

Erin said...


Scott and Kourt said...

I just love you guys. Wish we could see you more often. i love the flowers and I am very jeolous of those brides I wanted hydrengeas and everyone said they couldn't find them during the winter season, Yug... Come visit anytime. Scott remodled our kithcen for christmas it is awesome. andis in need of a rolling island it wants one bad. I am checking out the website right now to see if we can fit it in the budget or will have to save for later.