Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh. It's going to be one of those posts

You know, the posts where you are like "Hey, we haven't dropped off the face of the planet" or "Let us tell you about all the fun we've been up to" or "We're going to be better bloggers we promise". Yeah, it will probably be like that.

So, turns out The Dunfords are still around. Feeling pretty good overall. We are working. Working out. Eating. Sleeping. Tripping (like we go on trips, not falling down). Starting new bidnesses. Eating. Redecorating the living room. Pinning things on Pinterest like champs. Doing wedding shows and teaching classes at conferences. Researching new ways to build aquariums. Churching. Watching movies. Listening to books on tape. Cabining. Building stuff.

So we're busy. And happy. And a little sleepy. But good.

Tom had a birthday. Megan made him go to IKEA, but also let him go fishing, so she seems like a pretty great wife.

This is her smiling because she loves those plants sooooooo much.
We went to the Cabin for the first time this season and smoked meat and pizza. And were so happy.

This is on the way to the cabin. Oh, those aspens will get you every time!
We went to California to visit family and see a brand new baby that never cries and visit new soda stores and get crazy with envy because we don't have our own soda store and to go to the temple and to visit the Getty and stock up on delicious treats from Trader Joe's and play Settlers of Catan and eat tacos in East LA and go to the beach.

I had two horchatas and was in heaven.
Rows and rows of any soda you could imagine.
At the Getty. Posing awkwardly. 
Added a life lister at the beach (Black Turnstone).
Cute family. Lovely temple. 
We started a new business this year. It's called Dunford's Sweet Cream Soda Pop. We think it's great. We're biased. We hope other people think it's great. We may just have a soda cart now. Who knows? You gotta try things. That's our motto. When we're feeling adventurous.

The cart that Tom built with help from Doug. Oh and I painted the pink parts.
I taught a flower class at a blogging conference and it was really fun!

Love those colors!
There's probably more to share, but there's a lot of house to clean. So, bye!

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Tyanna said...

Tell me what it's like to be creative and wonderful and fun and enterprising.....cause you got it all sista!! (Using the word sister as "sista"--it doesn't suit me--I can't pull it off in real life, but as a commenter on this blog, let's pretend I can). I love your soda pop reminds me of that 'Ice cream soda pop, vanilla on the top' song from the movie BIG. Anyway, you have a really full life, and I feel a little envious of it (in the friendliest of ways, of course). Let's just say I want to be just like you!