Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rude Awakenings

Today I was awaken by my phone ringing (actually, it is kind of a jazzy little I didn't mind that part) but then I found my professor on the other line asking me to review an Environmental Impact Statement for a road alignment in Cache Valley. How fun. Not when I wanted to be sleeping however. :) I needed to get up anyway I suppose, and it was better than my annoying alarm clock. This past week has been busy, but fun. Tom and I finished two landscape plans (one for his aunt and another one for his aunt's neighbor) and I did a wedding. It was a pretty cute wedding. I used this fun aluminum wire and really bright colors. I used magnets for the corsages and boutonnières, so they are easier to attach. It turned out pretty cute. I will post some pictures so you can see. Tom has also been tiling...which I much as he hates to admit it...we will be doing for awhile. It is pretty good money, but it is not a fun job. He's really good at it though. Today I have a meeting with my professor, colleague, and UDOT. It should be fun. I can't believe the weather was getting so warm, but now it is just snow, snow, snow. Tom's brother Mike and his family are here for a couple of weeks from Boston. We are super excited to see them. Life is good. I will post some pictures of the wedding flowers somewhere.
Have a happy day!


Life out Here said...

Wow, a wake-up call from John! Great way to start the day! ha ha =)

I am vouching that what Megan says about the flowers is true- they were very cute and sunny bright!

Flattail Family said...

You're ingenious! Magnets as a way to attach corsages and boutonnieres! Where were you 20 years ago when we were dating and actually used those a few times for dances? Sounds like you guys are doing some interesting things and keeping busy. We still miss you, however.