Monday, June 16, 2008


This morning Tom & I were getting ready to work and we looked outside of our apartment into the courtyard and saw a cute little quail family. They had been squawking and making a lot of noise, which is why we looked outside. There was a mom and a dad and about 10 little babies, they were the cutest things in the world. While we were looking we noticed that the quail parents kept flying out of the courtyard and up the stairs, but that the babies couldn't follow them to get back up. The little babies would try and hop up the stairs, but they couldn't get up. So Tom and I got some boards and towels and made a little ramp up the stairs. It took forever for the quails to figure it out, I finally had to go outside and scare them up the ramp. I separated two of them from the of them figured it out pretty quick and ran up, but the other one kept running around. He wasn't the brightest...the dad quail kept squawking at him until he finally figured it out and made it out. We hurried outside to collect the ramp so that they didn't become familiar with it. It was fun to help them out and watch them run around. It was also a great diversion from work. :)


Erin said...

I have a love/hate relationship with quails. They are so cute and I love the way they walk. But, they have continued to eat my flowers again this year!! ARGH! $30 in flowers down the drain. You'll have to come see our yard sometime once I replant the ones they ate. :)

Mike said...

Meg! Whats going on? It's been a while, but I see you are still up to your same old tricks of creativity. I checked out your website and it looks pretty sweet! congratulations!

Spencer said...

How fun! Way to help nature.