Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pocket Post

Dear AutoCad,
I wish we could be friends. I can draw a line with you, but that's about it. Maybe we should just stay acquaintances?

Dear Logan (the City),
Thanks for having Angie's, fly-fishing, $3 movies, and beautiful skies. I miss you. So does Tom.

Dear Hunger Games,
You are kind of scary, but really fun to read. I'm reading Mocking Jay right now and I'd rather be doing that than working.

Dear Fall,
I smelled you the other day. You smell delicious, like spices. I hope you stick around long enough for me to see lots of coral leaves, drink up some apple cider, bake a couple pies, and buy some unnecessary school supplies. 



ilikewinter said...

Dear Logan,

I miss you, too. You are a magical place, always idealized and never an ill thought crosses my mind in connection with you. I love you. And bread bowls from Aggie Ice Cream. OH, FALL, LOGAN & BREAD BOWLS! Why must you torment me?



A. said...

you make me smile so big. :) we have been missing logan so much it hurts lately. what's up with that?