Saturday, May 15, 2010


We've been sketching daily (well mostly Tom has).
We've been getting new red shoes and taking pictures of them when we're bored (well I guess that's mostly me).
We've been sketch dining. Join us next time.
We've been making paper flowers.
We've been checking out the beach in San Francisco.
Our lives are pretty sweet.


Scott and Kourt said...

I think you have a sweet life. You can come visit us at our house it is not boring. love ya

Ricky and Chelsey said...

As always, barfing with jealousy :) I would love to have some of your sketches, paper flowers and any other amazing creative things you guys can come up with in the shop anytime but especially in the pageant, I think it starts June 17th. Call me when you have a minute and we can chat!

KATIE said...

Yes very nice very nice. I saw your CA pictures on facebook and was very homesick over them. I've been following the sketches and sometimes the sketch dining and I'm impressed with your flower handywork. Overall I must say this post makes me glad to call you a friend, very satisfied indeed, Tom wearing socks and shoes in that beach picture...??? (tsk tsk)

ilikewinter said...


Steve & Sara said...

I love this post, I love the shoes, the paper flowers, etc, etc, etc! I miss you Meg!
Your lives are pretty sweet.

The McOmie Five said...

Thank you for sending this to your parents. I appreciate it. I love keeping up on your lives and the exciting things you do. You are so creative! I hope we get to see eachother soon. I love you forever!