Sunday, April 5, 2009

Relay for Life

Hi Everyone!
I am a part of the Relay for Life! Check out my team at for more information to join my team or donate. Every little bit counts.
The reason I started this relay was because of my great friend Erin. I met her shortly after she finished her Leukemia treatment. I was so grateful that their were people and funds available to help her get through that difficult time so that she could be a part of my life now. I want to help other people that are going through a difficult time now and hope you will join me!
So please join my team or give just 5 dollars. That could help drive a patient to treatment. A cool way to spend your dough. :)
Have a lovely day and if you want more information let me know!

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The Christman's said...

Hey Megs... I love that you Relay! I usually do a team in honor of my Grandparents who both succumbed to cancer but since I'm so far away from my family it's hard to do now. I'd be happy to support your team & wish you the best of luck in raising funds!