Monday, May 19, 2008

Anne Marie Hildebrandt Music

My mom bought me this piano music for Christmas last year. I love to play it...I'm not sure I'm in love with the style of singing, but the melodies are beautiful. She has done a great job arranging the songs. Check it out.


Spencer said...

Meg & Tom, What is happening? Tom, I know I have not met you, but anyone who ends up with Meg has to be cool. Thanks for linking us to your blog. You have been linked to ours as well. I checked out the music...I like the piano arrangement. Then again, I have always been into the cheesy church music. We do need to hang out. Let's make it happen.

Texas Harveys said...

Meg Anne!!
Just read Jill's blog the other day about the Cedar trip and got to thinking about how I NEED to talk to you!! So glad to see your comment. Love your blog. Especially love your designM website. You are amazing! I am really impressed with all your beautiful arrangements and that you are totally doing what you wanted to. Isn't it the best to be living your dream? Mine is currently asking to play computer games though, so I better make room. Hope to hear lots more about what's going on at your blog. Word.

Rowan said...

Why thank you. The style of singing was something of an experiment, it's true... here is where it really belongs.